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Pregnancy Weeks as Disney Pixar Characters Infographic

We thought it would be fun to see how big your baby bump is when compared to Disney Pixar Characters! (yes technically some of these are from before they were part of Disney). We hope you enjoy this, share if you know someone who would love this :).Pregnancy-Weeks-as-Pixar-Characters-Youngsies

Pregnancy Weeks as Disney Pixar Characters Infographic

Feel free to use and share this image but please credit us πŸ™‚

Pregnancy Weeks as Disney Pixar Characters – Text Summary πŸ™‚

Joy – Inside Out

Week 0-4 (About 0-4mm)

Plenty of Joy as the egg moves towards the womb. Beginning as a single cell, it divides many times to become the embryo.

Flik – A Bugs Life

Week 6 (About 6mm)

As small as an ant. By week six you will sometimes be able to pick up the heart on a vaginal ultrasound scan.

Alien – Toy Story

8-10 Weeks (About 3cm)

At week 8 the embryo has developed into a foetus. The babys face starts to develop at 9 weeks It has a heartbeat at week 10!

Nemo – Finding Nemo

12-13 Weeks (About 6 cm)

The sex of your baby has now developed although you won’t be able to pick it up on a scan yet!

Marlin – Finding Nemo

12-15 Weeks(About 10cm)

Now as big as Nemo’s dad! Around week 15 your baby will start to hear! Their closed eyes will be starting to react to light too.

Tinny – Tin Toy

16-19 Weeks (About 15cm)

Your baby can now start to make facial expressions (Although it can’t control them). You will also start to feel it kick

Remy – Ratatouille

20-21 Weeks (About 16.4-26.7cm)

Your baby is now getting into its own routine of sleeping and waking (Which may not be the same as yours!)

Buzz – Toy Story

22-25 Weeks (About 27.8 – 34.6cm)

As tall as Buzz! Your womb will begin to get bigger more quickly and you will really begin to look pregnant.

Woody – Toy Story

30-34 Weeks (About 39.9cm – 45cm)

You baby can now suck its thumb and their eyes can focus.While their lungs are developing fast it won’t be until 36 weeks when it can breath on its own

Jack Jack – The Incredibles

40-42 Weeks (About 51.2 0 51.5cm)

37 weeks is considered full-term. The babys head will move down pelvis as you get nearer your due date

Get excited! your baby is nearly here. in just a couple of weeks you’ll be meeting your new little one

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  1. Love this – a really fun way of passing the weeks πŸ™‚ I loved reading what stages my babies were at each week!

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