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How to Wash Baby Clothes?

As a new (or old) parent you’re probably going to be running a constant washing machine once you have a baby so it’s worth knowing if you’re doing it correctly. It can be worrying thinking about how to wash clothes correctly when there is a little one involved.

Luckily there’s not much difference to washing clothes for babies compared to your normal wash, you just want to be careful if your baby or family have sensitive skin. So…

How to Wash Baby Clothes?

  1. Wash clothes before the first time the baby wears them, to remove any substances or general dust etc.
  2. Wash at 30 degrees C or 40 degrees C.
  3. You can wash baby clothes in with your normal wash if you like.
  4. Biological detergents contain live enzymes which can irritate skin, if you can (or need to due to sensitive skin), avoid them.Try and find detergent without perfumes etc too.
  5. You can use baby-specific washing detergent if your baby is particularly sensitive.These are more gentle
  6. Avoid clothes that can’t be machine washed (for sanity and time’s sake!)

Should you wash baby clothes before you wear them?

  1. It’s always a good idea to wash clothes before the first time you wear them. Just wash them as you would wash any other set of baby clothes, we recommend 30-40 degrees C with gentle detergent.You don’t need to blast them on a high heat

Our Youngsies are machine washable, we recommend washing them at 30/40 degrees C and if you need to tumble dry them do it on the lower heat setting. However we don’t recommend ironing them.

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