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Did You Know Winston Churchill Invented the Romper Suit


Did you know, Winston Churchill,  British Prime Minister, one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century,  Nobel Prize Winner in Literature, First person to be made an honorary citizen of the United States – was also the inventor of the onesie. He was famous for his all in one suits for every occasion. The “Siren Suit” is one of his most famous, and how did Winston Churchill Refer to these..”Romper Suits” (someone else coined the term onesies..but Romper Suits is all his!)

Apparently only 3 of his original siren suits are known to remain,including one created by Turnbull & Asser. The stories say, he used to return his Romper Suits to be repaired, not though military or enemy damage, but due to cigar burns. Churchill wasn’t shy of wearing these on formal occasions either, and wore one to the Whitehouse where he met President Franklin Roosevelt!

You can see one of his onesies on display at Blenheim Palace as well as other artifacts from his life, and you can see his Green Velvet Romper Suit at the Science Museum (where they had to commission a specially made mannequin due to his unique proportions). If you fancy one yourself,  one went for £29,875 in 2002!

.Winston Churchill onesie romper suit


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