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Are onesies dangerous for toddlers?

We’re going to answer a couple of common questions around whether onesies are safe for babies and toddlers as well as a few other common questions that don’t really fit in the FAQ page we have.. Remember to use common sense when reading these answers but we’ll do our best to answer a few common questions people have around onesies and safety.

Are onesies dangerous for toddlers?

In general no. They should be worn as play suits and pram suits. The material is warm and soft, but with any item of clothing (whether its a onesie or a normal outfit) make sure you are aware of any small bits that might cause trouble for you children. Make sure they aren’t putting parts of the onesie with the eyes in their mouth, ensure they are wearing it correctly and that they are not close to things which might cause harm to the child. (For example snagging the item on external objects, sitting close to open fires etc.

Are onesies with hoods safe to sleep in?

We would not recommend sleeping overnight in onesies. Just as we wouldn’t advise an adult to sleep in them we don’t recommend babies and toddlers sleeping in them. People move around in their sleep and making sure you remove anything which can cover their face, cause them to overheat etcm,is just common sense. So we wouldn’t recommend sleeping in our onesies with hoods. However if they fall asleep in a pram, or have a snooze you’ll probably be fine, but keep an eye on them. Remember, you can tell when you’re overheating and too warm at night but a baby or toddler can’t tell you. All of our onesies have hoods and are animal themed.

Are onesies okay for newborns?

Yes, we have sizes from 0-6 months. These have open feet. Again, as with the above points, use common sense. So don’t leave them in the onesie for too long if its a warm day (or the house is super warm). Ensure the child has not moved in the onesie and the hood hasn’t become tangled.

Are onesies pajamas?

No. While as an adult I have slept in a onesie. Personally I found it far to warm. For children and babies who may struggle to alert you they are too warm, and can’t take it off as easily. We would not recommend onesies as pajamas.

Are onesies warm?

Yes. Your entire body is covered from the neck down. The material our onesies are made from is very soft and warm, (Even the thinner items) and should provide warmth. The hoods provide extra warmth like wearing a woolly hat.They are not rated as snow proof so your millage may vary if you want to use them on a snow day, but bear in mind they will be warm and make sure you keep an eye on your baby/child to make sure they are always comfortable. If they are looking like they are overheating or uncomfortable, take them out of the onesie straight away.


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